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“How-To” | Rigging a Senko Weedless Texas Rig No Weight


In this video Marlin demonstrates how to rig a Senko weightless. Senkos are probably one of the most effective baits you can throw for bass. When the bait is casted out and begins to fall, that deadly pattern is hard for a bass to resist!

Weightless Texas Rig – “I believe weightless is the most effective way to fish the Senko, because of its subtle horizontal fall,” says Gary Yamamoto. Gary flips, pitches or casts and allows the Senko to sink essentially on a controlled slack line. His focus is to maximize the horizontal falling drop of the Senko. He watches the line for a pick-up as the Senko drops. Due to the heavy density of the Senko, the fact is it sinks unlike any similar styles of baits. It shimmies and wiggles like a finning baitfish as it falls. The key to get this action is to always let your Senko sink on a controlled semi-slack line. Too tight of a line, it will fall too stiffly. Allow just a little bit of controlled slack, and the Senko’s action loosens up and comes alive! Remember, you don’t need to impart any rod action. Just “do nothing” to maximize what the Senko does as it drops.

If there’s no pick-up on the initial drop, Gary glides the Senko along by simply raising his rod tip toward the vertical…slowly….then lowering it. The “raise” is only like raising a flag so the bass can see it. Then on the horizontal drop they eat it. Gary uses the “glide & drop” technique all the way back to the boat or bank – all very methodically and slowly. That’s the key to your weightless Senko success, says Gary.

SOURCE: http://www.bassdozer.com/articles/senko-gary.shtml

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