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Finesse Fishing Docks For Spring Bass — ft. Apbassin


My second attempt to upload this video. The first one had major audio issues and it got to be too late to even reattempt…so here it is a day late! Peric and I set out to Southern Wisconsin in search for some hungry bass for season opener. On the side we decided to have a little friendly competition with Steven Mui and Willie Young (Chicago Bears Defensive End). Of course AP and I took home the W and ate for free per expensive the loosing team. Feels so good to be fishing this Wisco lakes again, many more videos in the cue for next week so stay on the look out. Thanks for watching, as always…keep fishing, NEVER stop.
—Young Plugg

Song — 16 Artist — Kong Fu

Rod: Cousin’s Tackle IM8 7’ Ultra Light — http://bit.ly/1NBFsq5
Reel: Shimano Stradic 6.0:1
Main Line: 16# SX1 Braid Sunline
Leader Line: 8# Seaguar Tatsu
Lure: Big Bite Baits Shaking Squirrel Worm

Major details:
-Water was 10’ visibility in main lake
-Water was 1-2ft visibility in the marina
-The fish seemed to be sitting on the end of docks
-The water was significantly warmer in the Marina (60 degrees)
-They bites were SUPER finicky, hard to tell what was a big fish
-The smallmouth in the main lake didn’t seem to be eating for us

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