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Drop Shot Perch Fishing


Drop Shot Perch Fishing

Mike Pullen from TAFishing shows you how he does drop shotting Perch fishing! As well as tips on drop shot fishing, Mike gives you tips on the best lures to use for drop shot fishing, how to retrieve the lures and tips on finding Perch swims. He fishes a small river and he even manages to land his PB Perch!

Gear used
Rod: Rockfish Revolution 1-8g
Reel: Shimano Aero ST 2500
Line: 20lb/25lb braid, 15lb Fluorocarbon hooklink
Lures: FishAction – 3″ Attractor Shad DS and 2″ Kraken.


So What Is Drop Shotting?

Essentially it is a lure fishing method using imitation lures, jelly lures an replicants. It gives a greater control over the depth you are fishing and let’s the angler keep the lure in the predatory fish’s “kill zone” for a much longer period of time. This fishing technique is primarily used for predator fishing, targeting Perch, Pike, Zander and Chub.

The Drop Shot Rig

The rig for drop shot fishing is fairly unique in the sport and is possibly one of the simplest to set up with only three components, the hook, the lure and the weight, the main difference with this rig is that the hook sits half way up the leader and uses a single hook where other lure fishing techniques use the infamous treble hooks. The weight is the last thing to sit on the line, acting pretty much like a ledger bomb would, weighing the “bait” down. Here is a diagram of the drop shot rig: