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How to Fish: Vedder River Coho Salmon Tips

For more fishing video clips, please visit: http://www.fishingwithrod.com In this fishing video tutorial, we discuss several tips which can help you with catching coho salmon in the Chilliwack Vedder River. Subscribe to go Fishing with Rod! Be a Fishing with Rod fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fishingwithrod Camera: Nina Manique Editing: Rodney Hsu Music: Alexis Messier Copyright: […]

Epic Sturgeon Fishing Trip

Epic Sturgeon Fishing Trip   In late October, Carl and Alex visited us for the ultimate Canadian fishing adventure! Our second stop was the mighty Fraser River so they can catch their first ever white sturgeon! We join Lang Nguyen from Lang’s Fishing Adventures for this epic sturgeon fishing trip.   Tips to help you […]

Salmon Fishing With Jigs & Eggs

Salmon Fishing With Jigs & Eggs When coho salmon first arrive in the river from the ocean, they are aggressive and territorial. Saltwater coho are known for following/eating fast baits and fighting acrobatically. When they decide to enter the estuary and then move into tidewater they’re primed to make the journey upriver to spawn. If […]