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Pike fishing with Livebaits | TAFishing

In this episode of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show, Graeme Pullen gives you some top tips on float fishing for Pike with livebaits. He explains the float rig, tackle, bait and hooking etc. Fishing just a tiny area of water, Graeme manages to catch a number of Totally Awesome Pike! He also explains about when […]

Top Water Pike Fishing

Top Water Pike Fishing Pike are one of the most aggressive game fish that swims in fresh water. Finding the right bait may be as simple as throwing something that presents itself in a different part of the water column. Pike fishing tips Move swims every 20 minutes – if you don’t have a run […]

Fancy A Change? Try Ice Fishing.

Try Ice Fishing Most regular anglers choose between three main types of fishing for their amusement. Either you like to go sea fishing, or fish in a river, or finally you might prefer to enjoy a placid day’s lake fishing. However, there are also plenty of people – chiefly those who live in colder climates […]