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How to catch Mackerel | TAFishing

Graeme Pullen shows you how to catch Mackerel the Totally Awesome way! Mackerel fishing doesn’t have to be difficult, we give you some top tips on the best method to find and catch Mackerel. Graeme goes through the rig, the safety elements, the boating method and much more in this short video. We hope you […]

SPRING TIDE – Episode 3 – Tagging Smoothounds | TAFishing

The Totally Awesome Fishing Show presents Spring Tide ep 3! This time Graeme & Mike go sea fishing on Graeme’s famous shark boat “Hi-Sea-Drifter”. They set off out from the south coast of England to fish from the anchor and try and catch some Smoothounds. The boys give you tips on baits, rigs, tides and […]

Carp Fishing with Boilies, Pop ups and PVA bags | TAFishing

Graeme & Mike Pullen show you some Totally Awesome Carp Fishing tips using boilies, pop ups and pva bags. The boys give you a breakdown on the carp rigs they are using too. This video is there to help those looking to get in to modern day carp fishing. The boys talk about their set […]

BEACH QUEST – Episode 4 “The Secret Beach” | TAFishing

Totally Awesome Fishing presents the 4th episode of our popular Beach Fishing series “Beach Quest”. In this episode, Graeme is abducted and taken to a secret beach where he has never fished before! Using the information and expertise of Craig Butler, Graeme and the boys set out to catch some fish! Oh, and they give […]

Awesome Bait Digging Tips!! – Ragworm | TAFishing

The Totally Awesome Fishing Show presents more bait digging tips! This time Graeme gets some great info from Wayne Comben. Wayne has been digging his own bait for years and this time he shows you some great tips on how to dig Ragworm. ———————————————————————————– Watch more BAIT DIGGING videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_VNm_FDaf4 ———————————————————————————– ——-***NEW VIDEOS EVERY […]

Stingray Fishing Tips | TAFishing

Totally Awesome Fishing presents Stingray Fishing Tips! Graeme gets some great Stinger tips from local experts on the south coast of England. The guys give you tips on bait, tackle, rigs and tides as well as some other awesome fishing tips. We hope that this in-depth insight into UK Stingray fishing from the shore gives […]

2015 Winter Steelhead Fishing Addicts Northwest

The 2014-2015 winter steelhead season will definitely go down as one for the record books! We had tons and tons of video footage to work with. In this video we put together a few more clips of the season that will hopefully get people excited to get out on the water for the upcoming 2015-2016 […]

Stinger Hook Rigging – Walleye Fishing Tips With Ian Jones

In my opinion this is the best way to rig a stinger hook for walleye fishing. Stinger hooks come in handing when vertical jigging for walleye in current based systems such as the Detroit River. Rigging stinger hooks using this technique can prevent fouling the lure and increase your hook up ratio. Social Media Facebook […]

Canal Fishing – Float vs Feeder | TAFishing

Graeme is back on the canals and this time he’s battling float vs feeder fishing! Graeme gives you some great tips on both methods and catches some big Perch along the way! We hope you guys enjoy the episode, let us know what else you would like us to battle in the comments section below… […]

How to get the best fishing baits – Sandeel | TAFishing

Ever wanted to get your own free fishing bait? Graeme Pullen from Totally Awesome Fishing shows you how to dig live sandeel. This bait is amazing for Bass fishing and he gives you some awesome tips on where to locate sandeel and how to dig them. He also talks about storing them. This was filmed […]

Beach Quest – Episode 3 | TAFishing

Beach Quest returns! The popular beach fishing series by The Totally Awesome Fishing show is back with Episode 3. Graeme heads to a North Somerset beach again with Craig Butler. The wind is howling, conditions are completely against the boys. But with Craig’s knowledge of the area he manages to find a spot for the […]

Carp Fishing Tips in hot weather | TAFishing

Graeme heads out Carp Fishing with Tony Kirrage to get some tips on how to catch carp in hot weather! The boys use a variety of techniques. Graeme uses his trusty surface fishing method – floating dog biscuits. Tony uses lots of different awesome carp rigs including a pretty awesome surface rig! We hope you […]

Float Fishing for Crucian Carp | TAFishing

Graeme Pullen gives you some of his best float fishing tips for Crucian Carp. This episode is great for beginners looking learn how to float fish. Graeme speaks to the local fishery manager to get the inside info on what hookbait to use, groundbait, what floats to use and how to set them up, and […]

Beach Fishing | How to find fish! – TAFishing

Graeme Pullen shows you how to find fish when fishing from the beach! He gives you some awesome tips on baits, casting, and his awesome ‘shotgun rod’ that helps you catch more fish. Graeme puts it all to the test for the TAFishing show to try and help you guys catch more fish :) ———————————————————————————– […]

Inshore saltwater trolling tips & how to

Fishing girl Darcizzle lays out her tips & tricks to inshore saltwater trolling in this short how to video. SUPPORT Darcizzle: https://www.patreon.com/DarcizzleOffshore?ty=h SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/DarcizzleOffshore?sub_confirmation=1 Inshore saltwater fishing Instructional how to video feat. Darcie showing you the target species, proper rigging and retrieval of the Yo-zuri 3DS Minnow. Great for snook, tarpon, bluefish and stripers up […]

Fly Fishing Tips for Spring | TAFishing

Graeme Pullen from TAFishing gives you some Fly Fishing tips for Trout in Spring. He has the best fly fishing session he has ever had and talks you through what flies to use during Spring. It’s action packed fishing, be sure to watch it all the way through! We hope you enjoy it. ———————————————————————————– Watch […]

“How-To” | Does Flourocarbon Fishing Line Suck?

Steelhead Fishing Tutorials – FlouroCarbon fishing line can be an excellent choice for stealthy presentation of choice baits & lures. It has developed a reputation for being erratic and breaking easily. This is usually due to a misunderstanding on how to use it. In a previous “how-to” we talked about low and clear conditions. Flouro […]

“How-To” | Spoon Fishing Tips – “Stack” Spoons for Salmon & Steelhead

Stacking Spoons for Salmon & Steelhead – Spoon Fishing 101 with Lonny Brooks Part 1. Spoon fishing is a deadly effective technique for catching large ocean-run salmon & steelhead. We’ve caught spring chinook (“springers”) summer steelhead, winter steelhead, fall chinook, bull trout, rainbow trout, coho salmon (“silvers”) and many, many more species on spoons. The […]

“How-To” | Steelhead Fishing: Rigging a Pink Worm on a Bait Diver.

The effectiveness of diver and bait for steelhead and salmon has become unreal throughout rivers across the United States more specifically when fishing Washington and Oregon waters. Divers allow a slow presentation of baits, even enticing cold hunkered down steelhead or salmon to strike with vicious intent! Its no secret that diver and bait works! […]

Lead Free & Tangle Fishing Weights | Made In The USA

Lead-free fishing weights – a new product that has burst on to the fishing scene. Dave’s Tangle Free supplies a need, fishes excellent and catches best! They work awesome as back-bouncing weights for Salmon & Steelhead, with a decreased chance of snags and tangles. They also work awesome as a drift weight, side-drifting weight, easily […]

Float Fishing For Oregon Coastal Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon have long been known for being one of the most prized trophies for anglers in the Northwest. When you take fishing for salmon from the big tributaries like the Columbia River and move it to the small coastal streams of Washington & Oregon, its a true game changer! These fish are big, aggressive, […]