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How to dig Worms to catch Fish | TAFishing

Worms are probably one of the best fishing baits in the World. You can dig your own worms from the beach and use them to help catch you a number of different species of fish. In the UK and Ireland you can catch bass, flounder, plaice, cod, whiting, rays and many more species on lugworm. […]

It’s All About The Chrome | Winter Steelhead Fishing 2016

The 2015-2016 Winter Steelhead Season was one for the record books! We struggled with horrible water conditions a lot of the time but when the water was fishable, the FISHING WAS GOOD! In this video we fish multiple rivers throughout Washington & Oregon catching a multitude of wild and hatchery steelhead. Float fishing was the […]

Carp Fishing with a Method Feeder | TAFishing

The Method feeder is one of the most effective carp catching devices! When used with the correct baits you can pull out fish after fish. Graeme & Mike head to Watmore Farm Fishery to give you guys some Totally Awesome tips on how to use a method feeder and they hook into some Awesome carp […]

Winter Beach Fishing with a Camp Fire | TAFishing

Beach Fishing is one of the best forms of fishing. When you add a camp fire to the session, it makes it all the more memorable! Graeme gives some of his best beach fishing tips, using simple rigs that catch you fish! Most of the fish are released, but Graeme keeps a fish back to […]

Steelhead Fishing Tips | Preparing Pink Worms For Float Fishing

Preparing for steelhead fishing before you get out on the water is a key element to having success on the water. Winter steelhead fishing particularly requires more preparation! In this video we teach you a few tricks we use for cutting and scenting worms before you get out fishing for steelhead this winter season. We’ll […]

Fly Fishing for Trout – Pocket Casting | TAFishing

Graeme shows you some Totally Awesome Fly Fishing tips that will help you catch more fish! Often on stillwater fly lakes, the fish will either move out to the middle of the lake, or stay in the margins. There are “pockets” that you can cast into which can be fish holding areas. Graeme breaks the […]

How to Hook a Worm for Sea Fishing | TAFishing

A question many people want to know but rarely ask, is how to hook a worm when fishing. Well, Tony Kirrage gives you some tips on hooking a worm for sea fishing. This way of hooking is effective and proven to help you catch more fish! We hope you enjoy the video and be sure […]

Steelhead Fishing Tips | 4 Different Ways To Rig A Bead

As bead fishing continues to get more and more popular, especially in the northwest fishing scene, people have come up with multiple ways to rig beads. In this video we go over 4 different ways to rig a bead for salmon and steelhead fishing. If you have another way to rig, please comment below, and […]

Steelhead Fishing Tips | Thill Float (Bobber) Tricks

Do you ever have problems losing your Thill Steelhead Floats? Here is an awesome trick we discovered to make it so you never lose them again. When you’re bobber and jig fishing you need a float that will present your jig, bait or pink worm well in the water column. Thill Steelhead Floats are an […]

Fly Fishing with a Sight Bob | TAFishing

Fly fishing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. In this episode Graeme gives some totally awesome tips on using an alternative method that can really improve your catch rate. This method can be great for beginners looking to get into Fly fishing for the first time. Be sure to check out some of the […]

Basic Steelhead Fishing Tips | “Cocking Your Jig”

Float fishing for steelhead is probably one of the easiest ways to get into a big chrome sea run trout. When your first learning how to float fish the way to become a better fisherman is paying attention to detail. In this video Marlin from Fishing Addicts Northwest demonstrates how to “Cock” your jig to […]

Filleting a halibut FAST | “How to: Fishing & Food!”

A Pacific Coast Halibut is filleted very fast by Capt. Levi S. of Washington state. This was caught in extremely deep water and is one of the most sought after foods in the world. Watch as he cuts open the halibut with a fillet knife and pulls the halibut meat out for meal prep! Halibut […]

Fly Fishing using a Fast Retrieve | TAFishing

In this video Graeme gives you some awesome tips on using a fast retrieve when fly fishing for Trout. The fast retrieve can help you catch more fish when conditions are tough and the fish aren’t on the bite. Many people don’t realise how fast trout swim, especially in cold water conditions. The fast strip/retrieve […]

How to Fish: Tunkwa Lake Ice Fishing Tips

For more fishing video clips, please visit: http://www.fishingwithrod.com In this fishing video tutorial, Jessica Yarwood from GoFishBC and Al Patton from Tunkwa Lake Resort discuss the basics of ice fishing for rainbow trout. Find out what you need to bring and how to make these trout to bite in this fantastic winter family fishery. Subscribe […]

Downtide Fishing from a Boat | TAFishing

Graeme talks about Downtide Fishing from a boat. He goes out on his custom built fishing boat “Hi- Sea-Drifter” to give some sea fishing tips. Graeme talks through the leads, rigs, and bait to use. He catches a number of different species including rays and smoothounds. Hope you enjoy the episode and be sure to […]

Carp Fishing with a Fly Rod | TAFishing

Fly Fishing for Carp is on the increase here in the UK. More people are realising the Totally Awesome fight carp can put on light tackle and fly rods. Carp fishing on the surface is already one of the best adrenaline fishing methods out there in the UK coarse fishing scene. But taking a carp […]

Float Fishing Slow Rivers | TAFishing

In this video Graeme gives you some tips on float fishing slow rivers. He goes through what floats to use, his float set up and the general rigs and tactics for float fishing rivers. He is based on the river Thames at Lechlade. Graeme also adopts an open ended feeder to help him cover different […]

Lure Fishing Tips from the Rocks | TAFishing

A Totally Awesome video showing you some epic lure fishing from the rocks. Graeme talks through the best lures to use when rock fishing. Ranging from spinners, jigs, soft plastics, topwater popper lures, and wedges. Even when Graeme’s baits get destroyed, he comes up with the idea of using a rubber balloon on a jig […]

Pike Fishing – Rigs & Tactics for Hi-Stack Fishing | TAFishing

Graeme talks through his “Hi-Stack” Pike Fishing method. He goes through the rigs and tactics for deadbaiting and float fishing a deadbait for both lake and river Pike. Meanwhile, Mike also has a go at some dropshotting and joins in with Graeme on one of the lake fishing sessions. This full length Pike fishing episode […]