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2 year old catches a salmon on his own -LIKE A BOSS!

2 year old catches a fish on his own. The fish was a wild Alaskan pink salmon caught on a blue fox spinner, 8 lb flurocarbon and a $17 ultralight rod and reel. For more great fishing videos don’t forget to subscribe and check out our website at www.CatsandCarp.com

Carp Fishing With Bread And Corn

Fishing Lake George Dam, Hobart Indiana. The last week has been super slow, no carp, only small catfish, and stupid Gobies.. But this day was pretty good, I got a few to bite! Thanks for watching, much to come! Bait used; Corn & Bread. Air Temp was 82 degrees Water temp; 80+

Fishing for channel catfish with hotdogs and jello

Fishing for catfish. Using hot dogs and jello as catfish bait. Catch catfish with hotdogs and jello mixed with garlic powder. I test out two catfish bait recipes: Hot-dogs with strawberry jello and hot dogs with with grape jello and garlic powder. While not my favorite catfish bait, this definitely will catch channel catfish and […]

Build the Ultimate Fishing Rod Holder DIY Rod holder

DIY rod holder. Build the ultimate fishing rod holder with built-in cutting board and flashlight so you can see your rod tips and your cutting board at night. A great fishing rod holder for cat fishing, carp fishing or any bank fishing especially in hard ground. For more tips go to www.CatsandCarp.com

Fishing Indiana – Summer Carp Fishing At Lake George Dam

Fishing Lake George Dam in Hobart, Indiana. Bait used; Corn & Bread Its been really hot this last week or two, but we’re still catching some nice fish. The carp bite is slowing down a lot though, so expect some good bass videos next! thanks for watching! lots to come :)

Surface fishing for catfish with artificial bait. Catch catfish with lures

Catch catfish with lures on the surface. Had fun surface fishing and sight casting to channel catfish using Enterprise 6 mm artificial pop up pellets (http://enterprisetackle.co.uk/et26-popup-pellets) and floating fish pellets from Southern States feed store. I chummed out the pellets just before sunset and all of sudden a dozen channel cats started hitting the pellets […]

Night fishing for catfish using gizzard shad as catfish bait

Night fishing for big catfish using gizzard shad for bait. Between work and fatherhood, night time is the only time I have to fish most weeks. Thankfully, in the summer time night fishing for catfish is awesome. Additionally, live and cut gizzard shad is the best bait on most lakes with gizzard shad. Live shad […]

Fishing with live bait – Best big catfish bait.

This video explains how to catch big catfish with live bait. Bluegill, suckers, bullheads, shad, skipjack, carp and goldfish all make great live bait for catfish. Learn how to catch live bait, how to hook live bait, how to store live bait and how to fish with live bait. For more information about great catfish […]

FIshing Indiana – Dam Fishing After Heavy Rain

Fishing Lake George Dam after heavy rain. Using Spinner baits for bass n cats, and corn + wax worms for carp. We’ve been getting way to much rain, but we’re still getting out there and fishing through it.. Thanks for watching everyone! lots of good footage to come! stay tuned :)

Tailing Carp, Feeding Carp, How to spot carp

If you are trying to find carp in shallow this is exactly what you are looking for. Tailing carp. When the carp are feeding their head is down and their tails are up in the air. Bubbles escape from the bottom of the pond as the carp grubs through the silt. So a tail sticking […]

World’s best fishing baits? Worms vs Prawns | TAFishing

Are these the best fishing baits in the world? Fishing with worms is one of the oldest forms of fishing. But prawns are certainly an amazing bait too! Graeme Pullen puts these two baits to the test. Catching big carp, Perch and much more! He gives you an insight into the rigs he is using, […]

Epic cat fishing Potomac Va. with fishing guide Chris Eberwien

Had an awesome catfishing trip with catfish guide Chris Eberwien. We caught 31 blue catfish in one day. 5 of those catfish were over 30 pounds. If you want to take a guided fishing trip with Chris, you can reach him at http://www.catfishingva.com/ or 804-449-6134 If you like this video subscribe to the Catfish and […]