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Catching carp with corn in Virginia

Catching carp with corn (maize) in Occoquan Virginia. Catching carp with corn in Virginia. Had a great trip fishing for carp with my dad a few hours before going to work. We caught mirror carp and common carp. We were using boiled feed corn (or maize) on a hair rig. Had a great trip even […]

Fishing Kentucky – Crappie Fishing

Did some crappie fishing in Kentucky, didnt get many but sure did get some nice ones! Stay tuned for more videos! should be going for carp and bass very soon as its starting to warm up here in Indiana/illinois. Biggest Crappie was 14inches. Smallest was 11inches.

Crazy catfish fight & release while standing in canoe one-handed

During a 2 1/2 hours trip to the Occoquan river in Virginia I landed over 70 pounds of catfish. I captured the bite, take, fight, and release (CPR) of a 20+ pound blue catfish. After unhooking my fish I placed then in multiple fine mesh sacks to recuperate and then took them to shore for […]

Get fishing hooks razor sharp and repair blunted points

This video teaches anyone how to inspect, sharpen and repair dulled fishing hook. If you what to know how to sharpen a hook, then this video is for you. sharpening hooks is easy and the equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. A $10 fly tying vice, an $8 30X jewelers eye and some wet/dry sandpaper […]

Fox 12L Bucket Carryall Bait Bucket Review

A product review of the Fox 12L Bucket Carryall system. This piece of luggage fits a Fox 12L bucket in the center and has three zipper pockets on the sides and front. The top is a padded seat. This is a great system for staying mobile. After owning this product for about a year, I […]

Subscribe to the Catfish and Carp Channel

If you love cat fishing or carp fishing then www.catsandcarp.com has the Youtube channel for you. Subscribe to the Catfish and Carp Youtube channel to get our awesome videos explaining tactics, tips and how to put more cats and carp on the bank. For more information about cat fishing or carp fishing go to http://catsandcarp.com/ […]

Bulletproof Catspirit catfishing hair rig for enormous catfish

This is the 7/0 hair rig made by Catspirit to land those enormous wels catfish in Europe. It has a 7/0 hook 75 kg braid, shrink tube encased knot and a hair rig that is big enough for two 30mm halibut pellets. For more information about carp and catfish rigs go to http://catsandcarp.com/

Pre-Spawn Bluegill Fishing

The bass were not biting so much these days so we decided to have some fun with the bluegill. We plan to get some Largemouth bass videos and more Carp videos very soon! stay tuned!

Best carp fishing particle bait ever: Super cheap!

If you want a massively potent but super cheap particle bait for carp fishing this is the one: deer corn (maize), pigeon feed, barely, white millet, and hemp seed. This video walks you through how to combined, mix, soak and boil this particle bait. If you love carp fishing here in the US, this is […]

Fishing Lake George Dam For Carp

First two carp of the year!! nothing big but man are they fun!! the quality is not the best in this video because of the dirty camera lense..sorry about that. Anyway it sure was a good time! And I don’t normally hold them by the gills but the smaller ones seem to be so damn […]

BIG CARP Fishing tips in Spring – TAFishing Show

http://www.totallyawesomefishing.com/ This episode of TAFishing has carp angler Tommy Flower showing you some great tips on carp fishing in the spring time. A great episode for beginners and experienced fisherman alike. Graeme and Mike Pullen take the Totally Awesome Fishing cameras to Hawkhurst Fishery in Kent where Tommy has caught a number of big carp […]

Spomb – the chumming bait rocket (Spods)

A Spomb is a great little tool. The way it works is that you tie the Spomb to the end of your line, you fill it with bait or chum. Then you cast the Spomb to the spot you are fishing. The spomb has a release button in the nose and when it hits the […]

Drop Back Bites & Why bite alarms are awesome

A couple quick examples of why bite alarms are awesome. Drop back bites are near impossible to detect without a bite alarm and some bites are just too subtle to catch unless you are glued to your rod tips. For more information about bite alarms and other carp and cat fish gear then go to: […]

Hand-Over-Fist Catfish and Carp fishing in Washington DC

Catfishing and carp fishing go hand in hand. On this trip fishing in Washington DC, I use the same gear, bait and tactics to put over 70 lbs of cat fish and carp on the bank within 5 hours. I was using a sweet corn and bread crumb stick mix with sweet corn on a […]

Wraysbury – Big Pike fishing Venue – TAFishing

http://www.totallyawesomefishing.com/ Has Graeme Pullen from TAFishing found a potentially British Record Pike venue? In this episode Graeme has teamed up with Craig from Lowrance to use the latest Insight Genesis technology and a Polar Kraft boat to map out the lake bed and help identify good fishing spots on the potentially record breaking pike venue. […]

Winter Catfishing in Snow Storm

I went catfishing in Northern Virginia during winter storm Titan. It dumped about 8 inches on my bivy but I still managed to put a few small channel cats on the bank. Not huge fish, not tons of fish, but I was pretty proud that I was able to catch anything during a winter storm. […]

Great Carp Bait – DIY Winter Stick Mix

Great Carp Bait – DIY Winter Stick Mix. This video is a great step-by-step tutorial on how to make the ultimate carp bait. This winter stick mix can be made in advance. A couple slices of sandwich bread, a can of sweet corn, some corn oil and your favorite flavoring is all you need to […]

How to build a Carp&Pike fishing rod – Totally Awesome Fishing Show

In this episode of The Totally Awesome Fishing Show Graeme visits an expert rod builder who shows you how to build a Carp and Pike fishing rod. ———————————————————————————– Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/totallyawesomefishing ———————————————————————————– Watch more HOW TO videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDAD5E2DCA500FE40 ———————————————————————————– ——-***NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK: Fridays at 7pm GMT***—— ————————————————————————————— ———————————–SOCIAL MEDIA——————————- Facebook → […]

Fox Fx Lined Bucket Review

An in depth video review of the Fox FX Line Bucket. I have owned this product for about a year and have used and abused it but it is still going strong. The Fox FX lined Bucket is a lot larger than I thought it would be when I bought it. As the name implied […]

Fox FX Stalker Chilla Bag Review

A full review of the Fox FX Stalker Chilla Bag. I made this video review after using the Fox FX Stalker Chilla bag for 8 months. I took it fishing with me several times a week and it has held up really well. Everything still works great. This video reviews a great stalker bag by […]