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Carp Fishing with a Method Feeder | TAFishing

The Method feeder is one of the most effective carp catching devices! When used with the correct baits you can pull out fish after fish. Graeme & Mike head to Watmore Farm Fishery to give you guys some Totally Awesome tips on how to use a method feeder and they hook into some Awesome carp […]

Carp Rigs – How to tie a Blowback Rig | TAFishing

This short video shows you how to tie blowback rig, a great rig for carp fishing. The blowback rig helps to improve the hook-hold when the fish picks up the bait. ———————————————————————————– Become a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/totallyawesomefishing ———————————————————————————– Watch more CARP videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlJDPmb6OexrY3ZHJk6KIAva6yZgyL9No ———————————————————————————– ——-***NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK: Fridays at 7pm GMT***—— ————————————————————————————— Check out […]

Carp Fishing with a Fly Rod | TAFishing

Fly Fishing for Carp is on the increase here in the UK. More people are realising the Totally Awesome fight carp can put on light tackle and fly rods. Carp fishing on the surface is already one of the best adrenaline fishing methods out there in the UK coarse fishing scene. But taking a carp […]

Bream and Carp Fishing Tips | TAFishing

Graeme goes Bream fishing and talks you the techniques and tactics that he uses to help him catch more fish during the day. On the side, Mike is Carp fishing with his friend Aaron using snowman rigs (boilie and a pop up on top). Check out more Carp fishing videos below: ———————————————————————————– Watch more CARP […]

Bow Fishing For Common Carp On Vancouver Lake

Here is a little throwback video of us whacking carp with our bows in Vancouver, Lake. Right smack in the middle of Vancouver, WA this lake is loaded with thousands of common carp which can be a lot of fun shooting with bows! We’ll keep you updated with tutorials, tips & tricks! Follow us: Website: […]

Bait Fishing Battle! Which is best? | TAFishing

Trying to find the best fishing bait is not easy. But Graeme & Mike battle it out to find out what is the best carp fishing bait. Graeme uses snails and hemp. Mike uses hotdogs and pop ups. This is a classic TAFishing episode with the good old father-son humour that TAFishing is known for. […]

Epic Carp Fishing with PEAS! | TAFishing

Fishermen always want to find the best fishing baits, especially when baiting a hook for Carp! Graeme experiments with plain garden peas and has a Totally Awesome fishing session on his Avon quiver tip rod. It doesn’t get any better than this – cheap bait from your local supermarket, and bites that can pull your […]

How to catch catfish with worms – fishing for catfish in a lake

This video explains how to catch catfish with worms. I am fishing for catfish in a lake and catching channel catfish using worms. I am using really affordable catfishing gear that costs less than $40. Worms are a great catfish bait for small catfish, especially when fishing for catfish in lake or pond. For more […]

How to catch catfish in the day – Daytime fishing for catfish

I was fishing for catfish in the daytime with a local cub scout troop. The rain scared away most of them, but the brave few who showed up learned how to catch catfish in the day time. If you have any questions about catching catfish or carp post your questions in the comments section.

Fishing with 30′ bamboo poles – pole fishing for carp

Fishing with 30′ bamboo poles is an absolute trip! The fight is 10 times harder and without drag these catfish and carp and much harder to land. We had a ball, though trying to film while fishing was VERY hard and we lost several poles in the water while messing with camera equipment.

Carp Fishing with a Quivertip rod | TAFishing

Mike & Graeme Pullen go fishing for carp using the quiver tip method. Graeme gives you some tips on how to set up a rod for fishing the quiver tip, as well as what baiting method he is using. Mike gives you some tips on how to use the method feeder using soaked pellets. The […]

Fishing for Channel Catfish – Night fishing for catfish

How to catch channel catfish. Night fishing for catfish with live bait. Fishing for channel catfish at night is a great way to catch big channel catfish. Bank fishing for catfish is really good at night because the catfish come to the shallow water to hunt at night. For more information about catfishing check out […]

Carp and Tench Fishing Tips | TAFishing

Graeme & Mike head to Horcott to go fishing for Carp and Tench. They meet a carp specialist who catches a monster carp. He goes through his carp rigs and Graeme & Mike talk through their simple Tench fishing rig! The boys end up sight fishing for Tench using sweetcorn as bait. We hope you […]

Catfish & Carp Fishing Tips | TAFishing

Graeme Pullen gives you some Totally Awesome Catfish tips! He heads to Finch Farm Fishery to seek out the big Catfish that lurk in the lake! Graeme gives you tips on catfish rigs, tackle and bait. Whilst waiting for the catfish bites, Graeme does some surface fishing for carp using bread! ———————————————————————————– Watch more CARP […]

Fishing for Carp – Carp Anglers Group (CAG) fishing event

Come fishing for carp with us twice a year! The North American Carp Anglers Group and www.CatsandCarp.com team up to host fishing events for carp fishing and catfishing twice a year. the CAG (Carp Anglers Group) hosts these events all over the country, so visit http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/cag/ to find an event near you. This event was […]

Carp Fishing with Boilies, Pop ups and PVA bags | TAFishing

Graeme & Mike Pullen show you some Totally Awesome Carp Fishing tips using boilies, pop ups and pva bags. The boys give you a breakdown on the carp rigs they are using too. This video is there to help those looking to get in to modern day carp fishing. The boys talk about their set […]

Carp Fishing with Deeper FishFinder | TAFishing

Graeme & Mike decide to target Carp at Bury Hill Fisheries. To help increase their chance of locating carp, they fish with the Deeper Fishfinder and then bait up an area once they found fish. The boys go through rigs, tactics and baits and hook in to some AWESOME action! We hope you guys enjoy […]

Kayak fishing for catfish and hickory shad

Fishing for catfish and fishing for hickory shad from my kayak. Caught about 15 to 20 hickory shad on a lure and caught several nice blue catfish. Fishing for shad with a lure is great fun. Drifting and bumping for catfish is also a load of fun. Check out our website at http://catsandcarp.com/ for more […]

How to catch carp quickly – Fishing for carp with pack bait

How to catch carp in a hurry. Fishing for carp with pack bait is a great way to catch carp when you only have a little time to fish. This is how I catch carp in lakes and pond. I got my gear at www.bigcarptackle.com and on Amazon.com. For more information about carp fishing and […]

Carp Fishing Tips in hot weather | TAFishing

Graeme heads out Carp Fishing with Tony Kirrage to get some tips on how to catch carp in hot weather! The boys use a variety of techniques. Graeme uses his trusty surface fishing method – floating dog biscuits. Tony uses lots of different awesome carp rigs including a pretty awesome surface rig! We hope you […]

Float Fishing for Crucian Carp | TAFishing

Graeme Pullen gives you some of his best float fishing tips for Crucian Carp. This episode is great for beginners looking learn how to float fish. Graeme speaks to the local fishery manager to get the inside info on what hookbait to use, groundbait, what floats to use and how to set them up, and […]

Ultimate Bite Alarm Review – Fox Micron, Delkim, ATTs, NGT, Nash Siren, Chub Neuron

Bite alarm review for Fox Micron M+, Fox Micron MX+, NGT Vx-1, Delkim Txi+ and receiver, Gardner ATTs, Nash Siren S5, Chub Neuron T5, and several bite alarms and bite indicators from Amazon.com. You can buy most of these alarms at http://www.bigcarptackle.com/bite-indication/bite-alarms You can learn more about bite alarms at http://catsandcarp.com/gear/bite-alarms/ Here are links to […]