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Walleye – Bass – Steelhead | Preseason Scouting Trip

When the rivers are blown out, what do you do? Head over to the eastside of Washington State and do a little trophy walleye scouting. In this video we are fishing with Hester’s Sportfishing chasing walleye & steelhead in the Columbia River. We’ll keep you updated with tutorials, tips & tricks! Follow us: Website: http://www.fishingaddictsnorthwest.com […]

Something is Living Under Our House… — Bass Fishing VLOG

Here is a just because vlog. I was in the mood to do some filming and fishing after my VERY long stay in Canada. Just for some clarification, we do not have aliens under our deck, they are in fact just newborn skunks which is just as bad… I hope you enjoyed this quick mess […]

MTB UNDERWATER Slam!!! Fishing for Spawning Bass

Mystery Tackle Box UNDERWATER Slam! I attempt to catch one bass on every bait in my MTB box, and I try to capture every strike underwater with my gopro. This video was inspired by a couple of my favorite youtubers – j0j0barz33 and Casey Neistat. I won’t be changing my editing style, but once in […]

River Fishing For Hybrid Bass — Ft. DALLMYD

My first experience on the Chattahoochee River was a pretty solid success. Encountering two of the most well known species in the area at first hand was also pretty amazing. Between the hybrid current demons and longnose dinosuars we managed to land some quality fish in a short amount of time. Thanks so much for […]

Creek Fishing Smallmouth Bass — Senko and Topwater

FINALLY! Just arrived back home from Canada and found some solid wifi to upload my most “recent” video. The scenario… APbassin and I set out to fish a small Illinois creek we didn’t know much about. After wading up the creek a bit we stumbled upon some insane smallmouth fishing. Although the fish weren’t huge […]

Pacific Ocean Salmon & Sea Bass Fishing | Fishing Addicts NW

July 25th was Lonny’s B-day so we planned a fun trip with the boys! Fishing out of Illwaco, WA in the pacific ocean for Coho, Chinook, and Bottom Fish! We fished 2 days using a combination of trolling and bobbers for the salmon. The rock fish were all caught on Salmon Flies and a few […]

24-Hour Bass Tackle Giveaway + California Online Fishing Tournament (May 29th)

To enter the giveaway – Check out BamaFrogs.com and enter a comment below with your first name, last initial, an email address where I can contact you, and one lure you think looks particularly interesting from their website! BamaFrogs – http://bit.ly/bamafrogs Check out noobangler – http://bit.ly/1R71Okz Congrats to the winner of my 24-hour giveaway – […]

Spring Topwater Frog Fishing — Ft. Apbassin (…again)

Snag a Rigged Hoodie — http://riggedfishing.com/ Peric and I set out the day after Wisconsin bass opener to key in on some spawning shallow water fish. Peric primarily flipped the jig, I focused on the frog bite and we ended up landing a little over 20 fish (not all on camera). Anytime they are crunching […]

Losing a $300 Rod?!?! Bass Fishing at the Occoquan Reservoir in VA

Fishing the Occoquan Reservoir in Virginia. The fishing was tricky, with the Occoquan experiencing 14 straight days of rain! The reservoir was the color of chocolate milk, and the cold rain dropped the water temp several degrees. We struggled at the beginning, going fish-less for the first few hours of the day, but by the […]

Giant Bass Fishing from Moored boats | TAFishing

Graeme & Mike Pullen give you some Totally Awesome Fishing tips on fishing for Giant Bass from moored boats. Expect tips on live baits and dead baits as well as rigs, tackle and great beginner tips and techniques. The boys are fishing off Mark Gannon’s moored boat in Courtmacsherry, Ireland. Check out the big bass […]

Finesse Fishing Docks For Spring Bass — ft. Apbassin

My second attempt to upload this video. The first one had major audio issues and it got to be too late to even reattempt…so here it is a day late! Peric and I set out to Southern Wisconsin in search for some hungry bass for season opener. On the side we decided to have a […]

Urban Smallmouth Bass & How NOT To Organize Your Car — VLOG

Yea, yea, I hear you…the vlogs are pretty Neistat-y. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Let your idols and role models influence your work and build upon that with your own personal style.. Anyway all that aside, here’s a quick little vlog for you guys. I didn’t really plan on making a video […]

Fishing for MONSTER Striped Bass on the Chesapeake Bay!!!

I venture into the depths of the Chesapeake Bay with my buddies from Flippin Bass – The action was fast and furious, with 40 inch+ stripers nailing our 12″ swimbaits and umbrella rigs nonstop! Check out David and Andrew from Flippin Bass! http://bit.ly/1Sdl6TD Scale used: ReelSonar Digital Scale + Rapala 6″ Fish Gripper – weighs […]

How to cook Sea Bass | TAFishing

The Totally Awesome Fishing Show presents another simple fish recipe! This time Patricia Gannon shows you how to fillet, prepare and cook Sea Bass. This was filmed on location in Courtmacsherry, Ireland. Be sure to check out Courtmacsherry Angling for some Totally Awesome Fishing! The Bass sure does taste good!! ———————————————————————————– Watch more COOKING videos […]

Fishing Crankbaits for White Bass

We rented a boat for the day and took a trip up to the Fox Chain O’Lakes to do some Muskie/Bass fishing. Had some bites and follow ups for muskie, while fishing for bass we ran into some white bass. The weather was still up and down at the time but once it’s consistent we […]

Super Clear Water Jerkbait Bass Fishing — Spring VLOG

Here’s a quick set of clips I threw together of this week’s clear water excursion. This was out first time fishing out here on a boat all season and it went pretty smoothly. Unfortunately we missed about as many as we caught… it’s pretty much inevitable when it comes to jerkbait fishing this time of […]

MTB Belly Boat Slam!!! (Ohio Bass Fishing)

What’s in this month’s Mystery Tackle Box – 1. Arbogast Hula Popper 2. Reaction Strike XRM Spy Bait 3. Rage Tail Rage Craw 4. Lew and Wright Beaver Tail 5. Wahoo Weedless Jig Get your own Mystery Tackle Box! http://bit.ly/mtbbox Check out MTB’s Channel – http://bit.ly/1XSh0F3 Rod/Reel/Line used: -Shimano Stradic CI4+ 1000 (10 lb suffix […]

Belly Boat Bass Fishing! Exploring AEP Recreation Land – 60,000 Acres + 350 Ponds/Lakes

I try my luck at some belly-boat bass fishing! We explore AEP recreation land in Ohio – 60,000 acres, 350 ponds/lakes, 12 hours to fish, time for an adventure! Guru Outfitters Website – http://www.guruoutfitters.org/ Guru Outfitters Facebook – http://bit.ly/1O3MWAx Guru Outfitters Instagram – http://bit.ly/guruInsta Scale used: ReelSonar Digital Scale + Rapala 6″ Fish Gripper – […]

Big Bass Splash Fishing Challenge — Ft. Apbassin

The final day on Lake X with Apbassin and Chris went down a little differently than the day before. Being that we are all competitive dudes we decided to use our last day on the infamous Lake X to challenge each other to a 1v1v1 tournament for “bragging” rights.  This challenge consisted of 3 periods […]